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Col’Cacchio does it right – The Pizza Price Slice

I came across this promotion on Twitter, being run by Col’Cacchio Pizzeria, and it’s a solid example about how to not only please your customers, but also leverage your brand in the social media world.


Basically, you get to determine the discount of your pizza by mentioing @ColCacchio and the hashtag #priceslice in your tweet. Pretty cool huh?

In their words:

  • You feel a sudden craving that nothing but an authentic Col’Cacchio pizza can cure.
  • Tweet using the #priceslice hashtag as many times as you want to increase the discount.
  • Head to your closest Col’Cacchio pizzeria.
  • To get your discount, show your waitron your #priceslice tweet on your mobile phone and utter the magic words “Price Slice please”!
Read more here.

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