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UFO Spotted over Cape Town Stadium

Below is a video taken very recently (April 2012) of an apparent UFO that was captured on film over Cape Town Stadium. I came across it while browsing through Cape Town-related videos on Youtube and saw that it was uploaded recently.

Video info taken from Youtube:

UFO in Cape Town South Africa 2012. Green Point Stadium. The video is heavily compressed for youtube. The original footage was shot in HD. There were 2 of them, I tried to focus on the clearest one. My battery ran out, and soon after it was gone too.

What do you think? Frying pan or flying saucer?

I’d say up until 2 years ago I would have been very skeptical, but since then  I’ve spotted a few things in the sky which has made me think twice. One event I remember clearly were the weird blue flashes that we saw in the night sky once.

About a year and a half ago myself and two mates were standing in our garden at about 5am chatting about the night out we’d just had – by then in a sober state I’d like to add. There were very few clouds in the sky and a light South-Easterly breeze was beginning to sweep the city. The Eastern sky toward Muizenberg was just about showing signs of light when we saw them; four, eerily bright blue flashes that emanated from behind a bank of small puffy clouds, directly above us in the center of the sky. It could not have been lightening as that only occurs when north-westerly fronts hit the Cape. They did not flash in any sort of pattern, the first three happened about a split second after each other and the fourth flash delayed about 2 seconds after the third. One of us scrambled inside to grab a camera but it was too late, the flashes did not appear again.

The blue flash, similar to what we saw. Image taken from

Have any of you seen any strange things in the Cape sky? Please share your stories below!

19 thoughts on “UFO Spotted over Cape Town Stadium”

  1. ashraf says:

    dude i saw sumthang simlar to that and it was round 3am was havin a cig standing in yard then i saw this object move slowly across the sky then it just shot away blerrie fast..

  2. stefan says:

    its happening now about 10min ago near green point 3 lights going crazy in the sky. me and 8 other ppl watched it for 5 min it was like a dog fight between 3 jet but at a extreme speed and then stopping in mid air for 10 sec and then going crazy again

  3. dylan says:

    Abt nineam I saw flashing lights near or above the moses mabida stadium today

  4. jean says:

    Sitting at a restaurant called the mount in durbanville, just saw a huge blue ball rise up from the ground and then the same 4 blue flashes! Roughly above Phisantekraal. Not lightning as there are not nearly enough clouds. september 12 2012, at about 9 10pm.

  5. Leigh Larkin says:

    Yes I remember April this year or around that time standing on my balcony in Green Point saw this similar thing it was not a plane or a star it was closer to the earth and moving. it was amazing and weird!!

  6. Richard says:

    Dude, is there any way you could post a link to the HD footage? Looks interesting!

  7. Justin says:

    Hi Richard,

    It seems that the video uploader hasn;t uploaded the HD footage, which is a bit of a pain! Please continue posting your sightings here. There are a lot of weird anomalies being spotted in our skies but not being reported.


  8. frankie says:

    Three of us saw this same object last night 11.12.12 at 8.39pm and it was a clear night.We live in Tableview.There was no sound and the light was only visible a few times and surrounded by a misty looking cloud. It moved quite slowly across the sky and seemed to eventually disappear inland. It was very exciting to watch. We took a snap shot on a blackberry which is not too clear. Signs and wonders!

  9. Gail Morrison says:

    I am visiting from UK and my sister lives in Tygerberg Hills. She has a large window facing the airport and we had a very clear view of this object last night – sounds very much like the one you describe and the one in the picture. I am very excited about this as it is my first clear, prolonged sighting. I am usually very skeptical about these things, but there is nothing like witnessing with your own eyes!

    1. frankie says:

      I am so glad someone else saw this…I have seen several sightings over the years and also been a bit skeptical…but this was as you said so exciting.Thank you for acknowledging this event. Enjoy your stay here

  10. Chris says:

    I saw a friends post on Facebook about Yesterdays sightings(11/12/2012) But was in East London at around 20:50. Been following it up and seems very interesting, there seems to have been a substantial number of sightings from all over the country. . Bleak I missed it though.

  11. Jan says:

    Saw it last night 13/12/12 at around 12pm over the Cape town City bowl. It looked like a white light in the shape of a ball and with the same misty cloud following behind it. Looked like it disapeared over Table Mountain. Will be keeping my eyes open for more sightings. Verry cool!

  12. Jan says:

    Did anyone see it last night? 13/12/2012 at around 12pm

    1. Frankie says:

      Me too… sorry I missed it. Would have been great to video it. We only have a small blurry picture on a blackberry from the other nights sighting. Exciting times!

  13. kayesseff says:

    I also saw it – but later between 2 and 3 am…… so pleased to have seen this. Have been looking for many years!

  14. who ever says:

    round about 11:45 pm here in kraaifontein (cape town area) on the 10 may 2013 i saw flashes as well also kind of blue. i first thought it was the police (siren light kind of blue) because i was in my room but heard no cars outside so i let it go (as i am not a alien or what ever believer), the light was quite bright ’cause it light up my hole room. the next day i saw a few people on facebook who saw it as well (without me mentioning any thing) , even people in the Strand. any ideas on what it could be?

  15. Raymano Randall says:

    Everybody seems to see something at night but I saw something strange at abou 08:00 am one morning. As I was walking to school I noted in the FAR distance an aircraft making a sudden turn. This was too high for anu normal aircraft and there was not one but two of it heading in the same direction. I looked around to see if anybody was seeing this but nobody noticed. The morning was rather cloudy but I am sure of what I saw. I grabbed out my phone to take pics but it was too far away to be seen on camera. It looked like it headed deep into the atmosphere close to table mountain.

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  18. Driaan says:

    Hi there

    Just want to know yesterday me and my Fiance drove on the Botelary road towards Pick n pay Soneike in kuilsriver (Western Cape)

    As we drive i saw this big shadow crossing the road over my bakkie while we were driving, had like a square shape. i told her to look up in the sky and there was nothing

    This was on 09 – 02 – 2014
    Just want to know if there was maybe more people that saw something like this. Not sure if it was
    my imagenation.

    Thank You

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