Win with CityLifer and BOS Ice Tea!

The good folks at BOS Ice Tea have given us two cases of it’s finest, assorted flavoured, Ice Tea to give away to two lucky CityLifer readers. Entering is as easy as cracking open a can of BOS on a hot day!

To enter, leave a comment below and tell us your favourite BOS Ice Tea flavour? Remember to like us on Facebook and support BOS on Facebook to increase your chances of winning. We will select 2 winners next Friday (7th June) who will both be having a fridge filled with the good stuff.

Good luck! :)



  1. Ian


  2. Chantel Gomes


  3. RobbiP

    I could drink the peach one for daaays

  4. Robin

    Could drink it for daaays!

  5. BOS PEACH in my face!

  6. Waz

    Apple Baby!

  7. peach! always!

  8. Simone Jansen

    Energy Cranberry – Never lets me down! Its the BOSS! its pop art in a can!

  9. Apple, cant beat it.

  10. Mark Cyrus

    I would have to say Peach !!! Although Apple is a close contender !!!

  11. Naeemah

    Apple, yo.

    And now for a joke….
    First apple: You look down in the dumps. What’s eating you?
    Second apple: Worms, I think.

    Yeah, I’m lame.. WHAT??

  12. Naeemah

    Apple, yo.

    Any now..a joke,
    First apple: You look down in the dumps. What’s eating you?
    Second apple: Worms, I think.

    Yeah, I’m lame…WHAT???

  13. Jashna

    Peach is my favorite Ice Tea flavour for suuure!
    But when it comes to Bos, they’re all so yummy! :D

  14. Ling


  15. Matthys van Eyssen

    Definitely Peach!!!!

  16. lauren

    Berry although they are ALL great , I love them :) Awesome awesome did I say awesome? I have a Bos keyring with your logo on, on my keys :)

  17. Amy Bryant

    the Berry Flavour has to be my favourite!! Although, the Lime and Ginger is super awesome too!

  18. Nick Reitz


  19. Devin Cyrus

    Berry for the win!!!

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